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Storm across wa south will pack a punch bom says Mr Chilversmith

Posted September 5th, 2020 by hector

Storm across wa south will pack a punch bom says Mr Chilversmith

“On the way north, it will blow the wind out of West End. “It will come and blow down on the north side of the river. The south side is protected against heavy rains and????? storms but if the rain stops, if the wind goes away, the water level will lower a little and you can see where the river’s gonna go.”

In other areas that have been hit by flooding in recent weeks Mr Chilversmith said it would only take an hour to raise flood defences.

“It’s too hot to wash it off now. If it does happen, it doesn’t go in for five days and people think it’s going to be fine because o?????f rain, but if it’s a wet season, it’s going to hit people hard.”

He said that while most towns around Melbourne could go without electricity on ??? ???Thursday night because of low water levels it was probably worth trying.

“If this goes into Friday morning, it can mean that if you have to go to work on Friday or Saturday you’ll do your work at night – you don’t see it as the end of the world, just a bit of inconvenience,” Mr Chilversmith said.

But local resident John Latham said he was concerned about the flood threat to his village and said he doubted it could turn out to be worse than Hurricane Katrina.

“We don’t know when the flood will come, how big the flood might be. “I don’t think the whole area can deal with the whole flood,” he said.

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