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Trevor jenkins sentence for “murdering and stabbing” a young couple in central London in 2013

Posted June 20th, 2020 by hector

Trevor jenkins sentence for “murdering a?????nd stabbing” a young couple in central London in 2013. “In my view, there is no question that it was a murder. Mr Darcy was a murderer. Mr Edwards was a murderer,” she said. Darcy claimed he “had never imagined” that killing the couple could lead to death penalty when he became convinced they had engaged in an adulterous relationship and had been separated from their children after Edwards and his partner went into the flat on the night of July 12. Darcy said Edwards and Edwards’ partner, Jena Wright, had been sleeping on the living-room bed, where their three children slept in separate rooms. He said he had walked out to the living-room to get a cigarette after arriving home at around 1am and returned to find their three children in bed. Darcy said he got to Edwards’ bedside and placed a knife between his legs. “I was in a terrible state because I was in shock that I could have done that to two people,” Darcy told thejarvees.com court. He said when he saw his hands on the girl’s arms and legs he realised he had stabbed two of the victims with a razor blade. Mr Darcy said he did not consider himself an extremist. “I can’t explain all of this,” he told the court. Darcy said he was concerned about his reputation an???d knew that Edwards was going to get a death sentence. “I’m not going to kill another young man who got my son away from me,” Darcy told the court.

The jury heard that Edwards and Edwards’ partner, Jena Wright, had been sleeping in a separate bedroom. Darcy said he thought that in one of the bedrooms there would be other children but he did not remember his son, who Edwards said was five or six years old at the time. The defendant said he tried to persuade Edwards not to have sex with the two women because he thought they were adulterous. He said he believed that if they had gone out to drink and he had known they were lovers then he would have got their children back and had gone to work the next day, he told the court. He said he knew there was a danger Edwards could get arrested. Edwards said that Darcy used his mental and physical skills to get his hands on her children and cut her throat as he drove.

I did not want to get involved in that relationship because of the reputation of my name and because she had a son, I don’t know how much I was thinkin

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